Servers down due to power outage

The radio and web server were down because of a massive power outage in the neighbourhood. Not my fault, I swear! The power came back after a few hours, but then my router of course was assigned a new public IP so no one could get access from the outside (not even me).

I found out that you can update the DNS settings via an HTTP request, so I will write a small script that will take care of this kind of business of updating the DNS once and for all!

Bugs fixed

It seemed that the system didn't really like songs which contained weird characters, causing the whole system to grind to a halt. After much debugging I've managed to fix this issue, which also affected the wish function. Now everything should be working smoothly as before! =)

All functionality back online

After some heavy tweaking, configurating and swearing, everything is now back online. As it should be! You might notice that the website is a little bit slower than before, but that's just because of the tiny Raspberry Pi. Take the time to listen to the radio while it's loading. =)

New machine setup

Just for fun, I've moved the webserver to a different machine, so it now runs on little Raspberry Pi that I had that was just not being put to any good use. The radio is still being hosted on the old machine because the transciever software is not available as a Raspian flavor.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to properly set up the communication between the two machines so it is currently not possible to view any info about the radio from this website. And naturally it's also not possible to make any wishes. But do not fret, I'll fix it as soon as I can!